Extra Modes

The 4th Survivor lets you play as the Umbrella Security Service Special Agent Hunk. Hunk has been the only one to return from a dangerous mission on more than one occasion, earning him the nickname the Grim Reaper.

The original game also featured this mode. Hunk was, as the title of the mode suggests, the 4th survivor of the Raccoon City incident. His scenario differed from Leon's and Claire's, and fans enjoyed playing as a professional trying to escape from the nightmare he found himself in. Will Hunk make it out alive in this version of Resident Evil 2 as well?

The Tofu Survivor is an extra game mode that lets you play as a mysterious being that speaks a strange version of Japan's Kansai dialect. This mode also featured in the original game. Although it looked comical, it had a high difficulty and gave players a real challenge. This version of Resident Evil 2 features some seriously realistic-looking Tofu. But is he the cotton kind, or perhaps silken? Truly, his mysteries are endless.

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[Free]Downloadable Content"The GHOST SURVIVORS"

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"The Ghost Survivors" is coming as free DLC in February!
Countless lives were lost in the unprecedented biological disaster which eventually came to be known as the "Raccoon City Incident." If only things had gone just a little bit differently, perhaps a few more souls might have survived...
"The Ghost Survivors" explores this "if only," showing the imagined fates of three victims of the Raccoon City Incident. Turn back the clock, and explore this "what if" scenario as a member of a special forces team, the mayor's daughter, and a certain gun shop owner.

  • Forgotten Soldier
  • Runaway
  • No Time To Mourn