RE:2 1-Shot Demo

Announcing the 1-Shot Demo: 30 minutes of extreme survival horror!

Available: January 11, 2019

It's not long now until the release of Resident Evil 2. Can't wait to step back into Raccoon City? Well, in anticipation of the game's release we're happy to announce the 1-Shot Demo, available for free from January 11. Download the demo to play through a specially tweaked version of the game's opening section.

The 1-Shot Demo can be played for 30 minutes.

Leap into the demo blind and experience the world for yourself, or gather all of the information that's been released and try to complete it within the time limit: how you play is up to you! Use the 30 minutes to experience the horror your way.

RE:2 1-Shot Demo

January 11, 2019
Xbox One,
PC (Steam)
  • The demo can be played for 30 minutes. You can continue as many times as you want within this 30-minute limit. If you complete the demo within 30 minutes, you can play again until you have used up the remaining time.
  • Once you have played the demo for 30 minutes, you can't play it again.
  • The demo will be available for download until January 31, 2019.